Chronicles of a Mad MiMi

Becoming a grandparent has been the biggest and greatest blessing I could have ever received without being directly involved. I get to watch my Buddah grow as a man. He is learning how to be a Father in a blended family with children of his own. The youngest is a hoot with his cute little penny colored brown eyes and a scream that could peel skin off your eardrums. I have two grandchildren that I barely get to see, but I love them both just the same. With God’s grace and mercy I will get to enjoy them as they grow older, I’m trusting God for this and it will happen in His time not mine. The oldest is a category 5 hurricane with tornado tendencies all trapped in a 4 yr old preschooler’s body. When she is quiet you can best believe that she is just recharging her batteries so she can take over the world! These minions mark the beginning of several adventures that will require an endless supply of sweet tea and peanut M&Ms, anything else would be uncivilized!