The Midget and Buddah Chronicles

The Midget is my personal Superhero. She is always reminding me that I can be better in all that I do. She is like a breath of fresh air most days, and a category 5 tornado that just sucks the breath out of you. Buddah is my oversized mini me. He has been an inspiration for me to get out and live life a little more. Between the two of them I sometimes don’t know if I’m coming or going, but I love it! With him I got the chance to enjoy some of the childhood that I feel like I missed, even though I am the parent. And now he’s showing me that I can still enjoy the good life if I just get out of the house more often. She is teaching me to use the tactics I learned on Buddah with a lot more ingenuity. They both have similar personalities but drastically different attitudes. All in all they are both mutated versions of me and I love love love it!  I try to keep them both grounded. But hey, how can you ground a unicorn and phoenix!? You can’t and that is what keeps me forever learning from them!  If you can’t learn a lesson or two from you kids you probably haven’t been truly paying attention to them. This learning curve is not all that big, but if you are giving it your best you will get the blessing of your life.